Know how

Without our people
we would simply be
a reseller

NORDFLUID creates sustainable hydraulic solutions to protect the environment with incomparable performance and efficiency. Not only that, it provides product excellence through the most prestigious brands in the industry. This is why customers expect equal excellence in problem solving from us.

NORDFLUID is more than just a supplier

We want to be more than just a supplier, but an attentive partner capable of listening to everyone's needs, both of its staff and of its customers. It is the only way we know of to take care of you and your orders.

We know perfectly what the needs of those who turn to us are and with the experience acquired over the years we constantly improve the timing and methodology of distribution of our products, expanding the range of services offered and customizing them according to specific needs. We create value for the customer: economic and functional.

We promote employee growth

In NORDFLUID excellence is sought through a path of continuous improvement: up-to-date technical skills, reliable partners, constant training are the bases that allow us to offer professionalism, timeliness and innovative responses in satisfying needs, expectations, desires and interests.

“We expect from our employees a great spirit of initiative, ready to take responsibility, willing to work, open to innovation and flexible. We expect a cautious and far-sighted attitude from our managers, who recognize themselves in the company's objectives and are endowed with exemplary leadership. "

We meet your needs

Step by Step

01. Problem solving

The constant commercial support and a wide choice of products allow us to meet the different needs of each individual customer.

02. Offer

Simple and efficient management in the preparation and acceptance of orders.

03. Timeliness

Within 24 hours. The password for order fulfillment of all products in stock.

04. Delivery

We also choose the best partners for shipping, to whom we entrust the goods by
24 hours from the actual fulfillment.


Tailor-made innovation

NORDFLUID is able to propose complex customized hydraulic solutions and customized blocks with the support of highly specialized people also in the improvement of solutions that already exist.

We design the best solutions together with you,
optimized for your needs

We are real suppliers of "solution tools" offering a differential benefit to customers ensuring added value.