The company

Continuous improvement makes us the partner of choice for hydraulic solutions

To look at it today, the brand NORDFLUID has become a real point of reference for the market for the distribution of hydraulic components and Fluid Conveyance, representing some of the most important brands worldwide. But summing up 35 years of experience in a few lines is certainly not an easy task.

Born in Italy in 1981, over the years NORDFLUID has been able to grow not only its own skills, but also its references both in quality and quantity. Hand in hand, with the complicity of his team and the system of values ​​in which he believes, he has learned to listen to the needs of customers, supporting them in the search for increasingly specialized and personalized solutions.

The passion for fluid-technique allows us to find innovative technical solutions

and sustainable with state-of-the-art performance and efficiency.

It is not difficult to imagine what spirit moved the initiative of the founding members of NORDFLUID SpA when they started their entrepreneurial adventure, now forty years ago, much less what they thought about the future of their company. At the base there was certainly a dream: ambitious, but built with daily, day after day, with hard work. A dream that, however, did not make us imagine everything that was built.

But a wise proverb says: whoever stops is lost. Precisely with this awareness of still being in an expansion phase, NORDFLUID A guided and conducted corporate process and journey continues today to involve everyone: collaborators, partners, suppliers and customers.

We promote employee growth

Our company is made up of loyal and skilled employees. Always, NORDFLUID promotes the professional and personal growth of its employees. Who works in NORDFLUID he knows he is part of something special, the fundamental piece of a story that is being written in real time, of a challenge that has only been going on for ten years and that has yet to know its finest and most intense aspects.

Those who work at NORDFLUID believe in NORDFLUID.

More importantly: NORDFLUID believes in its team.

Our values

Our environmental responsibility motivates us to produce sustainably.

We evaluate the ecological impact of our activities as early as possible.

NORDFLUID it is the sum of its resources: a company that is structured and identifies with the human strength that constitutes it. The values ​​of NORDFLUID can be summarized in a few, very simple keywords: empowerment, determination, energy and passion. They are the same values ​​that NORDFLUID keeps in mind in carrying out his daily business and proposing to everyone, customers, suppliers, collaborators, staff and anyone else who crosses his path. It is challenging, yes, but it is the most concrete way to give an answer to those who ask for technology, but above all to those who believe in a NORDFLUID more and more projected towards the future.

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The warehouse

NORDFLUID: the preferred partner for cost-effective and sustainable hydraulic solutions

Our goal is to become the best supplier of hydraulic solutions on the market. Not only, NORDFLUID wants to be a concrete partner of component manufacturers, with a step forward in availability and in creating value for our customers. It is precisely with the mission of becoming the preferred partner for cost-effective and sustainable hydraulic solutions that drives NORDFLUID every day to make its knowledge and warehouse available.

A history of more than 40 years.



NORDFLUID was born from a group of managers of the Vickers company


A consortium of NORDFLUID employees acquires full ownership, giving the company a new course. Hard work and a lot of passion ensure that a corporate process made of awareness takes off, in which everyone is involved: partners, collaborators, suppliers and customers.


The Fluid Conveyance company branch, located in Settimo Torinese, is acquired by Pfifer Cifast;


NORDFLUID Hidravlika is born, our window on the Eastern European market, as well as the first foreign branch of NORDFLUID, based in Slovenia



NORDFLUID SpA acquires Tecnoil Srl, a leading company in the design and construction of plants with particular specialization in hydraulic systems and components.

Not only that, NORDFLUID implements the expansion of the site Fluid Conveyance, acquiring the new headquarters with a warehouse area of ​​1.200 square meters, while the expansion of the areas used as a warehouse at the Settimo Milanese office continues.
The shed expands its storage capacity. The warehouse reaches the surface area of ​​1.800 square meters in addition to the offices


NORDFLUID SpA enters the share capital of OMV SpA, manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders.
CI.ERRE Tech joins the large NORDFLUID family, bringing its expertise in the production of manifolds for low, high and very high pressure for the hydraulic sector, together with various components for the pneumatic sector.