Altri Prodotti – BOSCH REXROTH

Bladder-type accumulator Type HAB

Bourdon tube pressure switch Type HED 3

Electronic contact thermometer Type ABZMT

Electronic Pressure Switch Type HEDE 10

Filter elements Type 1., according to DIN 24550 and Rexroth standard

Hydraulic Cylinder Mill Type CDL1

Hydraulic Cylinder Mill Type CDL2 Type

Hydraulic cylinder Type CDL1 Series 1X

Hydraulic cylinder, mill type CDM1_CSM1_CGM1

Hydraulic cylinder, mill type Series CDM1-CGM1-CSM1

Hydraulic Cylinders Tie rod design Series CDT3-CGT3-CST3

Hydraulic cylinders Tie rod design Type CD70-CG70

Hydraulic Drive HYDRODRIVE GMH

Hydro-electric pressure switch Type HED 8

Linear Modules MKK, MKR, MLR

Spare Parts Price List Assembly Technology

Tank mounted return line filter with filter element according to DIN 24550